Solar Engineering Design

Vector Engineering is a team of Structural and Electrical Engineers, licensed in all 50 states and Canada. One of our specialties is designs for solar panel installations.

We provide prompt structural engineering design for new or retrofit solar panel installations, within 1-3 days!

Vector Engineers is proficient across all rooftop and ground-mounted systems for both residential and commercial applications. We provide detailed, professional, and cost-effective designs.

Our team of licensed structural engineers takes pride in serving all our clients with exceptional quality, speed, and customer satisfaction.

If you require the approval of an electrical or structural engineer for your solar review, call 801-990-1775 now for a free quote!

Structural Engineering design for new or retrofit solar panel installation is a Vector Engineers area of expertise. We have developed a unique skill-set designing and reviewing rooftop systems for commercial and residential applications. We understand the time constraints of the solar industry and can provide structural or electrical approval or review letters with very short notice – often in no more than 1-3 days. Vector has experience with all roof systems and can provide professional retrofit or new design for all roof mounted solar systems. Additionally, we have extensive experience with ground mounted solar systems and provide detailed, professional and economical designs. If you are looking to complete a solar review that needs either an electrical or structural engineer’s approval don’t hesitate to reach out to us!

For more information click on the following link: or contact our solar engineering sales manager: James W. “Jamey” Johnston (801) 598-7819 or via email for a quote or to answer questions.