Signs And Wonders: Vector Engineers Hired To Design Connection Points For Signage In Harry Potter World’s Diagon Alley

Universal Orlando Resort recently expanded their park with the construction of Harry Potter World’s Diagon Alley. In this expansion project, over 100 signs needed to be constructed and hung throughout this section of the park. Each sign would be unique with elaborate and intricate design components, some interactive. Vector Engineers was hired to design the connection points for the blade signs. Our mission in every project we undertake is to provide exceptional speed, quality, and customer service, all important factors on this project.

Public safety is a top priority, especially at locations where there will be lots of visitors. The connection points needed to be designed to withstand extreme weather conditions, support interactive elements, be reliably durable, and ensure visitor safety should any other signage components fail. On top of that, it was essential that the design elements blended into the intricate designs and not distract or take away from the unique look and feel of this fantasy wizarding world.

The Vector Engineers’ team was thrilled to be part of this enchanting project in Harry Potter World’s Diagon Alley of Universal Orlando Resort. The collaboration between Vector Engineers and the Wizarding World had successfully contributed to a Diagon Alley experience that transported visitors into the heart of J.K. Rowling’s beloved universe.

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