Vector’s Touchdown in Allegiant Stadium

The structural engineering team at Vector eagerly joined in the Big Game celebrations, not just to see Taylor Swift or the two competing teams, but also to catch a glimpse of one of over 100 signs they had designed, proudly displayed at Allegiant Stadium.

For those in the construction and engineering profession, our football journey isn’t just a tale of triumph, but a case study in what it takes to create structures that go beyond mere function. Our 100+ signs at Allegiant amplify one of our favorite things at Vector Engineers — to help build in ways that improve our lives, whether that’s supporting an arena for a big game, retrofitting a tower so that you have better cell phone service, or designing a bridge along a favorite biking trail.

Shoutout to those that put in outstanding work:

Leighton Weeks
Trevor Hawkes
Eric Sumsion, P.E.
Scott Van Hoose
Brett Thomas
Fernando Castillo, P.E.

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