Cold-formed Steel Trusses Create Local Masterpiece, Fort 137

A new gem known as “FORT 137” has become a trendsetter in architectural and engineering prowess in the picturesque valleys of Las Vegas, NV. The architectural design was completed by Daniel Chenin Architects. The engineering design was spearheaded by Russell Irion, a seasoned Senior Structural Engineer and Partner at Vector Structural Engineering.

The project kicked off in October 2018 and was completed in the fall of 2020. What sets this project apart isn’t just its award-winning design, which has caught the eye of numerous architecture magazines, but its adaptability and resonance with the local aesthetic. Other homes in the area have begun mimicking its style, a nod to the trendsetting influence of Daniel Chenin’s creative vision.

“There’s something deeply rewarding about watching a high-end home rise from the blueprints, especially in an area where we have been the main structural engineers for many similar projects,” Russell shares.

Russell Irion | Partner and Sr. Structural Engineer at Vector Engineers

Photo by Stephen Morgan

One of the standout features of FORT 137 is its circular entry rotunda—an engineering feat that not only challenges conventional design but also complements the desert’s mystique perfectly. The choice of cold-formed steel for the construction of walls and roof trusses was driven by the necessity for precision finishes.

Photo by Stetson Ybarra

Navigating through the complexities of using cold-formed steel trusses for the first time presented a unique set of challenges. Russell’s pioneering spirit turned these challenges into an opportunity to innovate, particularly with the tricky cantilever elements seamlessly integrated into the roof structure.

Photo by Stephen Morgan

For those interested in delving deeper into the architectural details of FORT 137, feel free to explore further here.

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